Sunday, June 01, 2008

Catching Up

I know, I know….I have become a terrible blogger! Life has just been pretty consistently crazy for the last couple of months. I have made the big move to Lake Highlands. I no longer live within walking distance of work…which is really unfortunate considering gas prices. I absolutely love being in a house with all its perks. One of the biggest perks being the ability to park right in front of your house. When you forget something you don’t have to make the long trek back into the back of the apartment complex to get it, you just run in and are back in the car within the minute. There are many other perks…including great roommates, hardwood floors, and a place to entertain.

Of course, I also went to Brazil, which was amazing, hard, challenging, and stretching. I will attempt to do a whole separate blog entry on my trip, but for now, I will tell you about my favorite moment from the trip. We were in our last village of the week. We had done VBS in the morning and the afternoon, and were hanging around outside waiting to have our service that night. Amit had a group of kids gathered around him on the steps of the Catholic church, so he grabbed a translator and started sharing the gospel with them. It was incredible to watch their eyes just glued to him as he told them about the most amazing thing anyone had ever done for them. Sweet, precious Linda was translating for Amit. In the middle of Amit praying the prayer of salvation with some of the kids, Linda just broke down and started crying. Once she composed herself, she told us that she could just see the hunger in the kids’ eyes. This particular village doesn’t get many visitors who would share the gospel with them, because only a few short years ago they would stone any Christians that stepped foot in the village. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down my face. After they finished praying with the kids, Linda told Amit that the old man sitting a few steps behind the kids had prayed the prayer too. I LOVE how God uses us…even in places we aren’t expecting to be used...actually, most of all in those places! God taught me a lot while I was there. A lot about Him and a lot about myself and my walk with Him and a lot about how I relate to other people. I love that He taught me things, but the hard part for me is always bringing that back to my life here in Dallas. I'm still working on it - more on that later.

Since I’ve been back from Brazil I’ve been busy unpacking the rest of my boxes, finishing up the semester with my 8th grade girls, watching Rebekah graduate from A&M, and enjoying a restful Memorial Day weekend in Dallas. It has been a super fast, great, and busy month. The next couple of weeks hold lots of wedding festivities for Michelle. So unbelievable that she is getting married! I might not post until after the wedding next weekend, but I most definitely will after that!

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Austin & Ashley Evans said...

Yeah! I love that you have a new post and cant wait to hear more about your Brazil trip. I had tears in my eyes reading about the children. It breaks my heart and every time I go, I want to bring them all home with me - their hunger for God and the way He uses us despite all our shortcomings is amazing! Cant wait to read more! Love you!