Monday, December 08, 2008

Jury Duty

Tomorrow I will fulfill my civic duty and report for jury duty. I’ve never been to jury duty. I have to admit, although hesitantly, that I have been summoned before. I misplaced the paper and when I finally found it realized that the date had passed. Oops! I hope I didn’t just incriminate myself!

Anyhow, since I received my most recent summons, I have received many suggestions for how to not get chosen for the jury. Some of them are quite hilarious. Some just normal, but here they are for your entertainment:
  • Act like you actually want to be picked for the jury.
  • Say that you have a family member who's been killed by a drunk driver. (Seriously!?)
  • Call the Dallas police the Dallas Gestapo.
  • Tell them you love Jesus.
  • Have a seizure. Yes, someone really suggested it.
  • And just act flat out insane.

I'm thinking I will stay away from all the above tactics. Not that I want to be chosen, because I don't, but I'm just going to let the system take it's course. I'm praying I don't get picked, because my coworker just went maternity leave, and if I get chosen Amy will be left to fend for herself, which would definitely not be good for her mental state.

I'll let you know how my jury duty experience is. Should be interesting for sure!


Laura said...

Umm just so you, three of those really do work. The Dallas Gestapo works great in College Station...probably because it's actually true. I'll have you know I was never called back again :)

Laura said...

oh and my assistant got out of it with a seizure! but don't really have was more scary than anything.

Sarah said...

Maybe you'll get lucky like me. I've been summoned twice; once sat there for an hour before they released me and the other time I recevied a call that morning saying they wouldn't need me!

Team Sherman said...

I had jury duty when I was nine months preggo. I waddled into the room with my snacks and water bottle and they took one look at me and said "we don't want her on our jury - she looks like she is going to pop."

Jen Lewis said...

Though I doubt it would work now. :P