Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going Home...

I'm headed home in a couple of hours...and I am so excited to be there. Rebekah arrived from Philly on Saturday and Deborah got home last night. I am the missing piece. My car is loaded, filled up with gas, and has a fresh oil change. I will be hitting the road as soon as I get off work today. The last time we were all together was in Santa Fe over Labor Day weekend before Rebekah left for Mission Year. I'm excited to spend time with the whole family, be out of Dallas, and just relax a little.

Next Monday night/early, early Tuesday morning, I will meet a bus full of high school students at a truck stop in Amarillo and head to Copper Mountain. I can't wait to be skiing down the mountain - oh how I love it!

And just because I like to have pictures in my posts...here's one from our small group Christmas party. I love these girls!

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