Thursday, December 04, 2008

Celebrating Laura

So, I realize there has already been a birthday related post for my dear friend Laura, but I thought I should post about her celebration we had Tuesday night. And I needed an excuse to step back into the blogging world after my little break from the month of craziness posting!

Anyway, we went to Mattito's for dinner to celebrate Laura. Lots of laughs, good conversation, and of course Bob Armstrong Queso filled our evening. It was a fun night with lots of fun girls!

Ann, Birthday Girl, and Jen

Cutest community group ever (behind ours, of course!)

Britni, Stacy, Laura, & Ashley

Kristie, me & Stacy

Laura with her birthday present from me

So, Laura's present from me, if it had a title, would be "The Road to the Cupcake Tree". She has been wanting one of these for a while. I told her she probably needed to know how to make cupcakes first. SO, my present is all about equipping her to master the baking of cupcakes, so that she can someday have a cupcake tree. I made the apron with way cute fabric I got in a store in Granbury over Thanksgiving. And then I gave her a coupon for a free cooking lesson and Sprinkles cupcake mix so that we could start with a little help. I'll let you know how the cooking lesson goes whenever we get there!


Laura said...

yay!! it really is the road to the cupcake tree!! let's bake next week while we do breakfast stuff too!! i'm ready to wear my apron!!

i thought about wearing it last night while i made my chicken nuggets, but decided to break it in with you :)

Karla said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest apron ever! I'm so impressed with your craftiness! Happy bday Laura!

Kristie said...

I have to be there for the cupcake lesson. With the camera. I'm thinking of inviting our other friends over too. I mean, this is Laura we're talking about. Look at how she prances around in the apron! ;)