Sunday, January 03, 2010

Roomie Christmas

Every year we get together with the college roomies and have Christmas.  This year we crashed Michelle & Charlie's apartment, enjoyed some Maggiano's takeout and some quality time.  As always, I had a blast with these girls, things are never boring.  Natalie performed part of her drama that she helped direct (and starred in) at her church for Christmas.  She such an actress...perhaps if PT school doesn't work out.  We opened our presents and took our traditional picture with all of the gifts.  Overall it was just a fun night with some of my favorite girls!

Nat performing.  I fear she might kill me for this one.

Girls opening their tote bags!

Part of my gift from Sarah.

Glittens from Michelle!

The traditional Christmas picture.  I love it!


Team Sherman said...

Will you pretty please send me the pics from Roomie Christmas? I meant to ask you earlier but this post just reminded me.

Natrudy said...

You know your post about thinking about 2010?? Yeah, it's doubtful you will live to see all of it for posting that picture!!!!

michelle said...

Will you send us the link to these pics? oh, just saw that Sherm asked the same you friend!