Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazy Cargill Christmas

All of Mama's extended family gets together for a family reunion of sorts around Christmas time.  She had three brothers and a sister, and the majority of the family lives in the Bryan/College Station area.  So, we made the drive down the day after Christmas. It had been a while since we had been down but it was our turn to host.  It's always kind of crazy and chaotic, but it was fun to see family I hadn't seen in a while. 

My mom and my aunt NolaAnn setting up for the day.

Uncle Jeff and Dad.

Deborah with little miss Katie.

Mama's sister Joyce, mom's cousin Jan, Deborah, and mom.

We have a crazy number of Aggies in our family.  Sad truth - these aren't even all of them!

Me & Leeann.  She's my third cousin.  We serve together in student ministries at church.  We didn't know it for the first year.  Out of control!

Gin Rummy tournament.  These were the trippiest cards ever!


Kristie said...

Love the picture of all the Aggie rings! You apparently didn't inherit the smart genes in the family...just kidding...ahem...sort of... :) Love you!

Team Sherman said...

those rings are out of control!

Natrudy said...

A little freaked out by all the Aggie rings..not gonna lie.

Sarah said...

I'm also freaked out by the rings and I've even seen the picture before! I feel like I need to surround myself in burnt orange for a while...hahaha

lb said...

First of all, you guys all look alike! Second, those aggie rings are insane!! And third, are those cards for old people or what?!