Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So...as I'm slowly easing myself back into running, I realize how much my running muscles are out of practice. I was reading a blog that I read frequently this morning, and very much related to the analogy she used to talk about how relationships take work in order to stay in shape the same way our muscles do. I tend to forget this. For some reason I think that my friendships can run on auto-pilot. I am about the worst person at keeping up with friends. You can ask any of mine that have ever moved away, it is not my strong suit. This is my favorite part from the entry:

"Anything atrophies if we stop using it. Including relationships. Especially relationships.

Marriages and friendships are either getting better or getting worse. There is no hover posture for relationships.

We are either taking steps to repair, restore and increase closeness and intimacy, or we are not. And when we do not, it begins to atrophy. The relationship loses effectiveness and impact."

I see this as a challenge. A challenge to fight for the relationships God has placed in my life. To not sit by idly as they atrophy.

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Erin said...

We're beating down relationship atrophy through blog togetherness! Woohoo!

You inspire me, Miss Welch.