Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Doctor Friends!

These are my amazing friends Dr. LB and Dr. Julia.  This last weekend they graduated after four long years in the Doctor of Audiology program at UTD! It was SO fun to get to be a part of the festivities and celebrate all of their hard work!  It's crazy that LB has been in school, working towards this since I met her at Baylor and she's finally graduated and starting her very own grown up job in just a couple of weeks! I met Julia her first year of grad school, when LB loaned me out so that Jules could test my hearing (they had to scrounge up their own patients and LB had excess).   At the end of their first year, Julia & I became roommates.  I got to keep her until she left us for Arizona for her fourth year externship.  Thanks to these two (and my friend Stephanie who graduated last year) I now know more about ears than I ever thought I would!

All this to say, I got to live with and near these girls and saw all the hard work they put into grad school.  I know it wasn't easy, and I am so proud of you friends!!!  Friday night I got a little teary watching my friends say goodbye to this phase of their lives and become all official with their white coats! Saturday LB's parents threw a party at her house.  It was great fun to celebrate these girls and all they accomplished.  I have no pictures from the weekend.  I stole the picture above from facebook! :) I'm so glad I got to be there and celebrate this weekend.

Congratulations Girls!!!


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Dear Ms. Welch,

Thank you for the shout out. I am happy to have been a part of your ear education.

Dr. Cox


lb said...

don't i look smart in those glasses?!!

Julia said...

Thanks for being a part of our celebration (and for being our friend through the crazy years!)