Friday, February 20, 2009

Philly...part two

Not really too much to say or time to say it, but I finally got Philly pictures uploaded from my camera. All of these are from Friday when we did most of the touristy stuff! I'm still learning to use my new camera, but overall, I really like it!

Heading out Friday morning. Mom's head, Deborah & Dad's chin! :)
The City of Brotherly Love.

Liberty Bell.

Independence Hall

Our whack job tour guide at Independence Hall


Rebekah, Deborah & me out to dinner for Deborah's birthday Friday night.
It was a great trip and if Rebekah is in still there next year, I hope I get to go back and visit again!


Erin said...

Glad you had such an awesome trip with your family! I'm jealous of the amazing new camera, by the way. It should make a trip to DC...

Julia said...

I have the same scarf as Deborah! We have good taste :)