Friday, February 27, 2009


This weekend was DTown - Watermark's version of a disciple now. Because of school activity conflicts and the nasty flu that's making it's way through Dallas, I only ended up having three of my girls for the weekend. It ended up being a blast, and just what I needed to have that time with those girls...and to only have three of them! The weekend's theme centered around the fact that David (our junior high director), Bode (our program director) and Jeremy (student ministries volunteer) are in the Jonas Brother's movie that came out last night as The Fake Jonas Brothers. They are quite hilarious. I don't know if they are funny to anyone else, but here is the first one, I happen to think it's pretty funny.

Here are some pictures from my time with my girls. The talks that Mike did were great and so applicable to my girls' lives. The digital camera scavenger hunt was a blast. And time just talking and riding in the car with these girls was great!

All of the Junior High & High School leaders.

Community Group Girls - Katie, Jen, Karla, me.

Silly girls...

Me, Maddie, Maddie & Amanda

Running Buddies and great friends - Kyla, Lisa & me.

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