Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vacation Here I Come!

I leave for Nashville tomorrow!!!!!! I have been looking forward to going to Nashville for so long - and I'm finally going! Hooray for free Southwest tickets! Nat emailed me today with our plans for the weekend - I can hardly concentrate sitting at my desk today :) I'm more excited about just hanging out with my girls than anything else!

Last night at small group we finished our talks about sex, and it was actually one of the best small groups we've had in a LONG time! The girls were so great about talking about boundaries and just everything. It was great to hear 7th grade innocence. One of my sweet girls said she didn't think she would even hold hands with a boy in high school. I absolutely love where they are right now, and I just want to keep them like this. I tried to tell them realisticly that they have to set standards, and let other people know exactly what those standards are, so that before they are ever in a compromising situation with a boy, they will have people will hold them accountable to their standards. I think it's hard to comprehend when you don't even want to hold hands with a boy! I'm sure this is a topic we'll revisit in a year or two!

Anyway - I'll give a full report on Nashville when I get back!!

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natalie said...

We had a BLAST with you Welchy! I'm anxiously awaiting a full report of your time here!