Monday, March 26, 2007

Social Stretching

Lately, my goal has been to widen my social circle a little bit. I have fabulous friends, but several of the friends that I spend the most time with are going to be leaving Dallas in the next year, and I've realized that I need to branch out and really get to know some of the super fun people around me! SO, this weekend I practiced :)

Friday night I went to dinner with Shawn & some of her other friends from her Brazil trip. I wasn't really sure at first if I was very excited about hanging out with all new people, but it really ended up being super fun. I went home and iced my shin splints (I'll get back to that later) and went to bed to be ready for my run Saturday morning.

Saturday I took my 7th grade girls to the mall, and I think that was some social awkwardness of its own. They are all SO different and approach shopping in such different ways. One of them is an extreme shopper - we'll call her A. The last time I went to the mall with A she had her dad's credit card, and I can't tell you how many bags she walked out of the mall with! So, she was my real shopper. Girl M can only spend her own money at the mall, so she was very serious about debating her purchases. M didn't end up buying anything at all. The last girl, T, that went with us doesn't go shopping a whole lot. T had money for the day, but thought everything was too expensive and only ended up buying a present for her sister's birthday. It was absolutely amazing to watch these three very different girls approach the mall in their own way.

Sunday I went to church, then did a little room cleaning and catching up. Later in the afternoon I had Pokey-O's with some girls from church. It was so fun - we just sat outside and talked and ate our delicious homemade ice cream sandwiches. After that I met up with Sarah & Michelle because Michelle's sister was in town. We got to meet her sister for the first time and her boyfriend for the first time. We ended up going to Chuy's (one of my favorites) and talking for a long time. It was so good to meet both of these important people in Michelle's life!

Still training for the 10K. I got shin splints this week, which were SO painful. Really, not anything I want to experience again. It looks like I'll be running on the treadmill for most of this week - we're supposed to get rained on all week. I'm hoping it will clear up before I run 4 miles on Saturday!!


Natalie said...

You got to meet Charlie?! I'm so jealous!!

emmysue said...

I'm SO proud of your training...keep it up! How did the 4 miles go? I have a trick for shin splints. I'll email it to you. Love you!