Sunday, April 22, 2007

25th Birthday

I had the greatest birthday week ever. It started Tuesday night with Julia & LB. They were leaving for a conference on Wednesday, so that had a birthday party with red velvet cake for me. Then Wednesday night my girls had a birthday party for me at small group. They had a beautiful cake for me and cards. I got several gift cards, which was so great.

Friday on my actual birthday, I went to Starbucks and used one of my gift cards then went to work for the morning. When I got there, Lindsey & Shawn had left a poster on my door. I went to lunch with my team at work, then I took the afternoon off and made some returns at the mall. We went to dinner that night at Gloria's with a bunch of friends and then to see In The Land of Women. It was really a great birthday. Here's some pictures from dinner:

Me & Michelle
Mallory, Linds, Amy, Me
Laura, Crystal & Shawn

Stephanie & Me

The Zoo Run Run is next weekend...I ran 6 miles longest yet!


Natalie said...

You ran 6 miles, yes you did!!! Yeehaw! Welchy I am SOO proud of you. It's like my heart is swelling for you right now. So happy! Blessings on your run this coming weekend. I wish I could be there for it.

emmysue said...

Girl, I am SO proud of you with your running. We should talk on Saturday and hear about each other's runs. Good luck!

Stephanie said...

sooo...i have a blog should read it.'s not great yet, but i'm working on it...

i love you friend!