Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thirteen, Baptism & Vacation

I haven't updated in so long, I figured I'd give you a picture summary of what's been going on in my life the last few weeks.

Maddie - one of my 7th graders turned 13, and this was at her birthday party.

Tori, another one of my girls, got baptized at our baptism service a couple of weeks ago.

Family Vacation. We went to Seattle for a few days, and then to Olympia for Deb & Dad to run their marathon. It was good, relaxing time with the family. I love that we still get to go on family vacation!

Deborah , Rebekah & me and a restaraunt our first day there.

Rebekah, Mom & Deb in the car on the way to Whidbey Island.

Pike's Market - so fun to walk around. Fresh fruit, flowers & fish everywhere!

Deborah & Dad finishing the marathon. Mom & I ran the 5 mile and then headed to cheer them on for the rest of their race. They did a great job!


emmysue said...

I loved the picture recap...and way to go on the 5-mile race. You're just becoming a regular 'ole runner, aren't you?

PS - You're beautiful!

lb said...

I have nothing to blog about... because I have no life :(