Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Like Exercise

It's true - I have become one of those people who likes to go excercise. I've even noticed lateley that I feel the need to go excercise when I'm stressed. And I feel sad when I don't get to workout and I've planned on it. I feel like some strange person has taken over my body. I've always been the person who is lazy and truly hates excercising.

This all started with a little run down the trail by my apartment, and figuring out that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. After that, I decided I was capable of running, so I signed up for a 10K with my friend Lisa. Running is definitely not something I'm fantastic at, nor am I very fast, but it certainly makes me feel good about myself when I finish.

I've decided that I do much better when I'm training for something. It gives me an end goal and makes me feel like I'm beating up my body for a reason. I've done a few races, and it's been fun, but now Lisa has talked me into a Sprint Tri...

Now, I'll have you know that the only reason I could be convinced that a Triathlon was a good idea was 1) it's a very short one, 2) the race is only women, and 3) you get a pink medal when you finish!!! It's the Iron Girl sprint tri. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I've only been training for about a week, but I'm enjoying getting to do things other than run. It's July 22nd - if you're in the Dallas area and up for some entertainment, you should definitely come.

I think I'll be back to running in the fall - we are probably going to train for a half marathon, but for now, there's lots of swimming and biking in my future!

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