Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend my mom & sister came to town for a wedding of a friend we grew up with. The wedding was most definitely not the highlight of the weekend. It was okay, and at a really pretty venue, there just weren't many people to talk to and it moved kind of slow.

The rest of the weekend with them was really great. Friday night mom got to have dinner with a couple of my small group girls and their moms. It was so great that she got to meet them - they are such a big part of my life.

Saturday we picked Deborah up from the airport and headed to Breadwinners for brunch. It was fantastic other than the completely obnoxious people seated at the table next to us. They were so loud I could barely hear myself think. We also fit in a little shopping & dinner at Pappasito's before we headed to the wedding.

Sunday we all went to church and mom had to leave shortly after to catch her flight. Deborah & I met up with her college roommate Kim for lunch and then to Northpark for a little Father's Day shopping. We also made a little visit to Michelle's apartment so that she could rehab Deb's poor little hip. It's amazing to see her in physical therapist mode - you should definitely all see it sometime!

It was really a great weekend - I'm pretty wiped out today, but I'm pretty sure after a good night's sleep tonight I'll be doing just great.

As for Iron Girl training - it's going good. I'm about to head to the gym for a swim - which is definitely not my favorite part. It's going to take the most work for me to get that down! I went on a good long bike ride last night - I think I really like the biking!

I head home on Thursday night for Father's Day weekend. More family time! I feel so lucky that I've gotten to see my family so much lately - I think I'm going to go through withdrawals after this weekend when I don't see them for a while!

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