Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ducks in the Pool

In the last week or so, ducks have showed up in our pool in the mornings. The first day I was walking to my car & saw them in the lap pool I was so confused. I wasn't quite sure they were ducks even - I mean, ducks don't live in pools, they live in ponds. Then, they kept showing up, and they definitely make some noise in the mornings. Poor Julia can hear it from her room!

As for life other than the ducks, things have been good. This weekend was such a great, relaxing weekend. Friday night a group was celebrating Jessica's birthday by going country dancing. Stephanie & I decided to meet for dinner before. I haven't just sat and talked with Steph in so long and it was so refreshing to catch up with my friend! Then we headed over to Cowboys Red River to meet up with Jess. The dancing sure looked like a lot of fun, but there were way more girls than boys and I didn't end up dancing the whole night. It was some great, quality time with Steph though, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Saturday was my massive cleaning day. My room and my bathroom were a complete disaster, so I spent the majority of the day cleaning. In the afternoon I went to pilates with Amy - which I'm getting better at - slowly but surely.

Sunday was church, which was so good. Our evangelism pastor spoke, and I was so struck by the fact that I really need to be engaging with the lost people that are all around me! That afternoon I had a baby shower to go to - I don't feel old enough to have friends with babies!

This week has started off great - I got to have coffee with Michelle Monday night and dinner with my sweet friend Lindsey last night. Tonight I have small group and we are talking about sex. Shouldn't that be interesting....haha!

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