Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ten Years...

A few weeks ago I flew home for my high school reunion. If you don't know, I grew up in Fritch, TX.  A tiny town close to Amarillo.  Sometimes I have a hard time believing that it is where I came from.  It is so different from my life now.  This weekend made me so thankful for my childhood and my upbringing.  There are so many things about growing up in a small town that I am grateful for now, but I certainly didn't understand the beauty of whenever I was there. I graduated with 67 people, and I think over the course of the weekend I got to see and talk to about half of them.  We went to the football game on Friday night, the Howdy Neighbor Day parade on Saturday morning, and then had a dinner in Amarillo on Saturday night. 

Now, on to the pictures...
 The drive from the parents house to Fritch. 

 Two of my good friends from high school - Margaret & Lesley.

 Lesley was the mascot in high school.  They got a new uniform for the Eagle...and it has teeth...she didn't like that very much!

 Our float in the Howdy Neighbor Day certainly looks like we went to an all girls school!

 Alicia made an awesome cake for our dinner Saturday night.

 Jeremy & Hannah with Dave & Margaret.  I went to church and school with all of them except Hannah.

And the whole group on Saturday night...I know, it's rather amusing!

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Erin said...

I love your small-town West Texas adventures! I mean, who else has Howdy Neighbor Day??

Pretty sky picture, friend.