Friday, October 29, 2010

New Tunes

I bought two new albums this week.  Is it weird that I wanted to type CD's there? I would have, but that would be a lie, since I tangibly did not buy a CD.  Anyway...I'm thoroughly enjoying both of them and thought I would share in case you're missing out. 

Now, don't judge, but the first is Taylor Swift's Speak Now.  I know, I know. But really, people, how can you work with high schoolers and not have a little Taylor Swift on your iPod?!  Ignore the fact that there are now three Taylor albums on mine.  No one needs to know that.  It can be our secret.  We'll call it a guilty pleasure.
And can someone please get me this dress...or at least one that color.  It's quite lovely. Moving on to why I enjoy it.  It's catchy teeny bopper music at it's best.  I listened to it the first time through on a run, and I have to admit I laughed out loud at some of the lyrics.  Cheese at its best.  But I like the cheese...obviously.  See above remark about working with high schoolers.

The second album (still, want to say CD) is Shane & Shane's Dare to Share: Unending Worship.  Honestly, this could be a new favorite. 
Okay, Shane & Shane's worship albums CD's back in the day were pretty much the soundtrack of my college years.  I loved them.  I wore them out I listened to them so much.  But since then I haven't just loved anything they've come out with.  Enjoyed, yes, but over the top loved? No way.  But this.  It's a ton of the worship songs we sing at church right now and some new ones I had never heard...all sung by Shane & Shane.  Bonus in my book.  I love every single song.  I can't stop listening.  Buy it.  Now.

I'm spending the weekend with the aforementioned high schoolers...I'm sure there will be plenty of Taylor Swift jamming in our cabin.  Pictures to come!  And my roommate introduced me to one of the funniest blogs ever this week.  I love witty people.  It's a style blog, but with humor, you should check it out if those kind of things interest you!


Erin said...

Have so much fun this weekend! Hope Taylor and the girls rock your socks off.

Laura said...

What does it mean when Spencer didn't use the excuse of working with high school students when he bought his Taylor Swift cd?

Sarah said...

Fitz - that means you're married to a special, special man.

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Read your blog and then bought both of these :)

Melissa said...

I too purchased the Taylor Swift album. David secretly enjoys me belting random Taylor Swift lyrics while we are running.

Kristie said...

Not sure how I missed this post, but BOTH of these have been on repeat for me in the last couple of weeks. We've already talked about our mutual Taylor Swift love. :) We should hang soon so we can dance party!