Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Out of the Loop...

So, I obviously have been out of the blogging loop for the last month or so. So, a brief highlight of what's been going on:
  • Church moved into our new building. So much fun, keeping me plenty busy.

  • Went home for MaMa's 75th birthday party. All the sisters, parents, and plenty of surprise guests for the party. It was so fun to be home with everyone.

    The family at the party!

  • Mom & Dad came to town for Brynn Murphy's wedding. Dad ran a relay with me & my friends. I love when my parents come to town!

    Our Team: Lisa, Shawn, Beth, me, & Dad!

  • My first Stars (or any hockey) game with Lisa & her inlaws.

  • Me & Lisa at the game.

  • State Fair with work. Corn dogs, funnel cake & fair rides....need I say more?

  • Me & SarahBeth with a VERY large pig!

  • Lots of running in preparation for the half marathon. Had my best run ever this weekend. Looped White Rock - big accomplishment for me :)

This weekend I'm headed to Pine Cove for a retreat with my 8th graders. Should be a fun weekend with a lot of good hang out time.

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