Thursday, September 06, 2007

Launch Retreat

This weekend was the Launch retreat - our young adults retreat for the year. I was actually dreading it before the weekend started, not because I didn't think I would have fun, but more because I hate the organized team games. Those were only 3 hours worth of the whole weekend, and well worth the fun I had for the rest of the weekend. The majority of my Brazil team was there, and it was good to hang out with them again. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to hang out with friends....student ministries friends, work girls, community group girls, old friends and Brazil team. Sunday afternoon there was free time - I got to play 2 & 1/2 hours of volleyball and I couldn't have been more happy. Yes - I'm a dork.

Brazil Team!!!

I got lots of good hang out time with Meredith. We met through Michelle, and I'm so glad I finally go to hang out with her this weekend!

Me & LB sporting our Baylor gear - the theme was college football. Sic 'Em Bears!

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