Monday, October 22, 2007

I LOVE Cold Weather!!!

So, I have been enjoying our brief time of fall weather the last few weeks, but I still get completely sad on the days that it's hot and I can't wear my long sleeve shirts comfortably. Today is the first day it has actually been cold. That's right...highs in the 50's. Oh, I love it. I love bundling up in a sweat shirt to go outside. I'm not necessarily loving the rain that brought the cold, but I think it's worth it for no high above 75 in the 10 day forecast!! It makes me want to listen to Christmas music. To Michelle's disappointment I'm sure, I listened to a few songs after I got in from the cold today!

I had a GREAT time at Pine Cove this weekend. I love getting to hang out with my girls for a whole weekend. They are at a stage where they are really pretty fun to talk to and are really opening up about stuff going on in their lives. Other than the great time with the girls, there was also Crud Wars (flour, then shaving cream, then horse oats & water mixed together) and Commando (kids trying to make it to a tower through the forest & adults trying to keep them from making it). I'll try to post some pictures tonight.

This week is returning to normal at work. The audit is finished...big meeting from last week is as normal is much less stressful!! It's a great relief to not fall asleep thinking about what I need to do at work the next day.

This weekend all the roommates are headed to Nashville for our annual get together. I am beyond excited!!! We are hoping for beautiful leaves and I know we will have so much fun just getting to hang out with each other! Not much can get me more excited than getting to spend a long weekend with my favorite people in the whole world!!


lb said...
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lb said...

brr.. i can't stand it! i realize that again and again every time i walk outside!!! i was enjoying the nice fall temperatures, but i am definitely not ready for winter. i can't imagine it being any colder than this!! good thing i live in tx. :)