Monday, April 17, 2006

Sleeping Bags, Cafe Brazil & Stone Crab

What a great weekend! I got to leave work early on Friday and go hang out with my family. We celebrated mine & Rebekah's birthdays, so I got all my birthday presents early...super fun! Of course we did lots of shopping, cause that's what we seem to always do when we are anywhere. My biggest purchase was a new sleeping bag with my birthday money at REI, and it is quite wonderful. I've had a really crappy $15 Walmart sleeping bag since sophomore year of college, and now that I go on a lot of trips with student ministries, a lighter weight, better sleeping bag will come in way handy. Maybe some day I'll even get to take it camping :)

The highlights of the weekend were, first of all, the quality time with family, I don't get enough of that. Thursday night before my family got here I got to have dinner with Stephanie, Katie, and LB. It was so much fun because I haven't seen Steph in so long even though we live in the same town because we are so busy. Also, Saturday morning, I went to study at Cafe Brazil and waited for my dad & Deborah to get done running. Then I got to have breakfast with them, Katie, LB before I took Katie to the airport. For dinner on Saturday night I got to pick where we ate for my birthday dinner, and so we went to Truluck's, one of my favorites!!!! I got to eat fabulous stone crab and carrot cake. And then Sunday night after everyone went home, there was Journey to the Cross with the junior high and high school students at church. It was really an amazing night with worship, drama, and communion. It was just a sweet reminder for me of the sacrifice that was made for me. I think I rushed through most of the weekend, so it was really good just to have some time to sit and think about what it's really about.

I feel like there's so much coming up in the next month or so. My birthday is this week, which really isn't that big of a deal, but is kind of fun. I have so much studying to do. CPA exam May 13th, and then moving the next week. I'm glad busy season is officially over today so that I have time to cram all that in!

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LB said...

i can't believe you're an accountant. i don't know why that's still funny to me... maybe i just think we're all still kids.