Friday, April 21, 2006


Yesterday was my birthday and it was wonderful. Thanks to all my great friends who called and sent cards and messages to make it special. You are the best. I usually try not to make a big deal out of my birthday. This year, I'm attempting to cram as much studying as possible in before next Friday before some of my software runs out, so I was just planning to study and then have dinner with some friends on Saturday night. But some great friends of mine took me to eat dessert at Cheesecake Factory. It was fun and a much needed break from studying.

Michelle, me, Jessica

Julia, me, LB

My super exciting news for the week is that I get to go to Maui with my college roommate Sarah!!! She travels with her job, and wanted people to travel with her. I had a graduation trip from my parents that I hadn't used yet and they said I could use it it to go to Maui, so I'm going June 9th -14th!!!! I've never been before and I surely didn't think it would actually work out for me to go with her, but it did!


liesal said...

Happy Birthday again friend! Also, since you've read Journey of Desire and experienced the sea lion stories, here is a recent LA news story you might like:

rebkah said...

fun, i am the only welch without an exotic trip planned

emilyb said...

That dessert is GINORMOUS!! Yummy!

audra said...

i wanna go to maui! looks like your birthday was filled with memories and yummy desserts!

LB said...

you gotta remind me when it's time to change the website of the week. sometimes i forget it exists =)