Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My First Blog

I had a request from my dear friend Melissa Wallace to start a blog and keep it updated just for her. I decided that since today was her birthday, I would appease her!

I guess a good place to start is an explanation of the incorrect grammer in the name of my blog. Because I am an accountant, when we go out to dinner with friends, of course, the job of figuring out the tip always seems to pass to me. One night I was out with LB and one of her school friends Reagan, and I was having a little trouble figuring it out. They were giving me a hard time, and asked...aren't you an accountant? You should be able to figure that out. And my frustrated reply was, "I AM ACCOUNTANT!" Ever since then, the phrase has kind of followed me around.

As for keeping you all updated on my life, busy season is finally on the downward slope, hallelujah!!! Other than that, I guess not very much. This last weekend, we went out to dinner and a concert for LB's birthday, here's a picture of our fun friends!

(Audra, Jenny, LB, Me, Julia my future roomie!)


emilyb said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Sarah. And thanks for the link to my page! Love ya, Emo

Kasey Joy said...

um, I too will be checking your blog, so it's not just for Mel!! Yay for joining the club! Hope life is going well for you! Much love!

liesal said...

Yay for your blog! Welcome to the club, you should join the facebook group that Kasey created too!!

Sarah said...

Hey I'm so glad you're blogging!! And don't let anybody tell you that you aren't accountant. :)

lb said...

Thought I'd try again to leave a comment since you fixed it. Maybe it will even send you an annoyin email to let you know. I am definitely procrastinating. Love the picture. You better update soon ;-)