Thursday, May 17, 2012


That's what this post is for.  To hold me accountable for all the things I need to blog about.  So here's a list.  You know how I love lists.  Posts coming soon - I promise.
  • New Year's Eve party at the casa (yes, I'm that far behind.  2012 hasn't been blogged at all).
  • The Getaway girl's leader retreat
  • DTown - that my girls only made a slight appearance at
  • Company Trip - Mexico!
  • Julie & Marcus' couples shower
  • Turning 30
  • Spain!!!!
  • GAFIA - college girls weekend
  • Senior Celebration with my girls at church
  • Julie's Bachelorette
So there it is.  I'm seriously behind and ready to start taking back control of my blog.  It looks pretty sad these days!


Erin said...

Gooooooo Sarah!! Gooooooo blog!!

Sarah said...

What about Jen's birthday?!? I've been waiting to see pictures since I didn't take any... :(