Sunday, February 19, 2012

Senior Year Ski Trip

We left on ski trip the week before Christmas.  This year we went to Taos, NM which made for a shorter bus ride, which was amazing!  The snow was wonderful and I had such a great time with my girls.  I had three of my small group girls and two of their friends, who are now a part of my small group.  We had some great conversations and a whole lot of fun skiing.

 Fun on the bus.  Love me some Maddie!

 Me & Leanne

 Karley & Maddie helping out with some Power Point

 Megan, Karley, & Rachel

 Karley, Rachel, & Megan

 Maddie, Karley, & Rachel

Hayden, Megan, Karley, Maddie & Rachel. 

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