Thursday, August 11, 2011

Showering Erin

I realize that might sound a little funny, but really, I went to a shower.  For Erin.  Thrown by her wonderful bridesmaids.  She's already blogged about this blessed event.  I am a little behind - seeing as this happened in the middle of July.  Oh well.  It was a fun shower.  They had it at Mattito's, so there was mexican food and margaritas.  Such fun. 

My homemade part of my gift.  The P is for Pendarvis!

 Me & the Bride!

 Erin's sweet friend Dana flew in from D.C.  Dana and I go way back.  It was good to see her again.

 Molly & Allison - A couple of the many PwC friends I got to see!

 Carolyn, Kami, & Diana - sweet bridesmaids!

Erin likes presents. :)


Jen Lewis said...

Adorable apron! How did I not see you making it?! I wish I could gain some of your creativity through proximity. That would be nice! :)

Erin said...

Such a wonderful friend AND seamstress AND photographer. =) I had such a great time!