Friday, September 03, 2010

Harper Turns 2!!!

How in the world is this little girl 2?!?  It seems like just yesterday she was turning 1.  On Saturday I drove back from Oklahoma and headed straight for the birthday celebration.  It's so crazy that this precious girl is 2 and that they have another one who will be here by the end of October.  Makes me feel a little old! We celebrated Minnie Mouse style...this little girl is a little bit spoiled.  She really raked in the presents.

Precious little birthday girl!

Cute little family of three...almost four!

Me & Michelle

Opening presents...

Gift #1 - made with this tutorial.

And Gift #2 - made with the this tutorial.

I like sewing for little girls.  It's really fun.

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Erin said...

Gah!! I LOVE the adorable little clothes you made! So talented, Miss Welch, so talented. Oh, and Harper's a cutie, too. =)