Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Festivities, part 3

Rehearsal & Dinner.  After our quick run to Northpark, we made our way to the Watermark chapel for the rehearsal.  It was my first time to be in there, and it is gorgeous with the stone and the dark wood pews.  I love it!  We rehearsed and then headed to the rehearsal dinner at Highland Park Pharmacy. I never would have thought about having an event there, but the atmosphere was really fun and relaxed, and so perfectly Spencer & Laura, especially considering they go there pretty much every Saturday for lunch.  It was a  really fun night getting ready for the wedding day!

Shelley and her masterpiece bow bouquet.

Cheesehead Laura getting ready to rehearse.

Why do I always want to steal the cute children?!

They're special...or something.

Decorations at the dinner.  Soooo cute!

My favorite...an orange freeze...on the counter.

Me & the Spencer.

I'm pretty sure he is almost incapable of taking a normal picture...

...but every once in a while it happens.

The girls.

Some sort of Williams family tradition...I'm still not sure what was happening here.

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Kristie said...

I'd like to point out that I'm still loving the fact that the rehearsal and dinner were so relaxed and laidback that Spencer was wearing an Invisible Children t-shirt. Pure greatness. :)