Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Festivities, part 2

Friday morning before the wedding.  We started off Friday with with a bridesmaids brunch for Laura at Royal Oaks Country Club.  It was delicious and fun.  From there we headed to the spa at Hotel Palomar for manicures and pedicures.  I don't think I've ever had someone spend so long on my hands and feet, but it was fun.  After the spa we made a quick stop at Northpark before the rehearsal for jewelry for Kristie for the wedding and a snack because brunch had worn off.

Shelley, Laura, me and Kristie at the brunch.

Our bridesmaids gifts...really cute little bags!

Laura & Shelley at the spa.

Me & Kristie at the spa.

Tin Star chips, salsa & guac...wonderful snack to keep us going!

The girls at the mall.

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