Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Party Time!

Let the Christmas updates begin!  I finally got all of my pictures uploaded, so I'm going to slowly start updating on all of my December/Christmas happenings.  First up is the student ministries leader Christmas party.  Every year the staff puts on a great party for all the leaders.  We had dinner, some assorted entertainment, and fun with friends.  I absolutely love the people I get to serve with, so it was a fun night to hang out with friends!

Katie and her wonderful made-by-Sarah snuggie!


Fun friends!  Jen, Sarah, & Laura.


Sweet Maddie!  She was one of the servers!

Our wonderful entertainment! They were a bit creepy.

Kyla & Lisa - love those girls!

Community Group minus Karla.  Jen, me, Katie, Sarah & Caryn.


Sarah said...

HOLY COW! I look like a freak in that one picture...I think it needs to be said that they were both being obnoxious singing that ridiculous Feliz Navidad song, hence my horrified expression. :)

Sarah said...

i just have to say, I LOVE that picture! it makes me smile!!