Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Has Arrived!

This weekend I finally felt like it was summer. Friday after work LB, Jess, I took out for the lake to take the boat for a test run so LB would know what was going on when the whole group went out on Sunday, since her family got a new boat. It was so great just to be outside and enjoy the sun and the breeze. It was fabulous, and the water felt great!

Saturday was a day full of old friends. In the morning I went to the park and read for a long time, then LB and I walked around downtown a little bit and took pictures. My sister was in town for a wedding, so I got meet up with her and some friends for lunch. Then my friend Mel was in town and I got spend some good time with her that evening. We ate dinner and I got to meet one of her friends from Houston. And to finish up a wonderful day my Baylor friend Jessica Camp needed a place to spend the night, so she came & stayed the night & went to church with me Sunday morning. I am so super excited that she's moving to Frisco this summer so that I'll actually get to see her more often!

Sunday after church a group of us took LB's boat out and it was tons of fun. We spent the whole afternoon playing in the water and just hanging out. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day!

Julia, my crazy roommate being the boat hand

Everyone on the boat (LB, me, Steph, Julia, Susan, & Sara)

LB & me

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