Monday, November 14, 2011

Deborah's Bachelorette

And now I'm only a month behind.  We had a great weekend in Dallas for Deborah's Bachelorette Party.  This post will be a little picture heavy, but it really was a great weekend with most of her closest friends there.  I know it made me excited for the wedding, and I hope it made her feel the same way.

We started the weekend with brunch (Dream Cafe):
 Michelle, Natalie and Kate.

 Megan, Kim, Leeann, me.

Natalie & Kate

 Courtney, Megan and Kim

 Alisha, Anna, Deborah, and Courtney.

Then we lounged around the pool:

Then we had the lingerie shower:

Then to dinner:

Then we made a pit stop at the Gingerman:

 Where Deborah was convinced (it didn't take much) to get up on a table and dance the dance we have all officially dubbed "the Bird".  It was what the singer had her doing and it was just hilarious!

We then hit up Karaoke:
 Korean karaoke, that is.  Private rooms are SO the way to go!

 We had some very animated karaoke-ers.

 Welch Sisters!

 And karaoke turned into a little bit of a dance party. :)
 Anna was the karaoke allstar!!!

And one more for good measure!

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