Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandma Turns 75

A few weeks ago we celebrated Grandma (my dad's mom) turning 75.  We all went out to Granbury and had a big party with all their neighbors.  It was fun to celebrate Grandma and get to see all my family. 

Grandma still plays tennis several times a week...the cake is very fitting.

Mozzarella ball topiaries...Aunt Pam's creation...this one put together by mom & Rebekah

Cousin Erin with the birthday girl.

Jeff & NolaAnn (Aunt & Uncle on my mom's side) - We've gone ahead and made them apart of the Welch family.

Grandma & PapaDub...I find them kinda funny.  I could have put up the normal picture, but I liked this one the best.

Parents & Sisters.  Just love my family.

Grandma & Dad.  I think they're kinda cute.

These children aren't related to me, but I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.  I almost took the pigtailed one home.

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