Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Decorating Dilemma

So, I have this living room:

And these two chairs:

My big window needs some curtains to soften the room up. I've looked high and low for curtains that would coordinate with the chairs and the rest of the room without much luck.  So, I have narrowed it down to two.

1.  The slightly pricey, but oh so cute Anthropologie curtain. 

2.  The slightly less pricey, but more labor intensive fabric that I would make into curtians:

So, I need some help.  I worry that the Antho curtains won't match, but I also worry that if I make the curtains they will look cheap?  Thoughts?  Opinions?

Oh, and please excuse the terrible iPhone pictures.


Erin said...

You could TOTALLY rock your own curtains! Nothing but straight lines, baby, nothing but straight lines. Although it would be kinda nice to just buy them and put them up and skip the whole manual labor part...I do love the fabric you found, though! I vote for sewing project.

Caryn said...

I LOOOOVE those chairs!! And I think the Anthro curtains look like they match or "go" as they are supposed to, at least in the picture, but I am confident that you could make great curtains if you feel up for it.

Sarah said...

Make them!!!!!!! Are you surprised I said that? :) You won't make cheap ones, I promise. KK and I can help (we've both made curtains).

Amy H said...

I vote for making them - that way you get exactly what you want! :)

Lindsay said...

Hi! I love the Anthropologie curtains... they are both stylish and trendy! I do think making your own curtains with those fabrics you found would look great!They won't look cheap... just make sure you work is precise and add some extra detail like decorative trim!

Hope this helps!

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